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Point of Sale (POS) Overview

Cell phone store owners choose CellStore Software for a comprehensive system that is easy to use and affordable. All modules were built to support cell phone retail and repair shops! Features include: Point of sale, repair tracking, customer management, inventory management, purchasing (purchase orders), reporting, and much more...

The point of sale is cloud-based meaning that it will operate on tables, computers, and other devices capable of running a modern web browser.

Sales and Invoicing

Your business is doing well when you are creating lots of sales and invoices. CellStore Software allows you to create beautiful invoices from the point of sale (POS) with options to print or email details to your customer. The smart system saves each invoice automatically to the appropriate customer profile for easy access anytime. This eliminates you needing to keep excess paper, eliminates the need for your customer to keep their invoices, and allows you to serve your customers quickly and efficiently.

Invoices always backed up and are searchable, plus sales totals are instantly reflected on your reports.

If you are like most CellStore owners, these tools will help you simplify your invoicing processes and will simplify your business.

The system was built to sell all of your inventory, including labor, parts, plans, and mobile devices down to the IMEI and serial number.

Why Do You Need A POS Built Specifically for Cell Phone Shops?

The cell phone business is different than other industries. General purposes point of sale systems struggle when it comes to managing products with unique serial numbers and IMEI's. The most a system like Quickbooks can do is allow you to add an IMEI number to a receipt, and activites like true repair tracking just can't be accomplished.

CellStore Software's point of sale understands how to treat the sale of a cell phone, automatically including the specific IMEI on the invoice, and removing it from inventory. The system allows you to take deposits for services and includes a comprehensive repair tracking system to allow you to manage your repairs business.

A smart point of sale built specifically for the mobile retail and repair industry will allow you quickly accomplish your key tasks, saving you time and money.

Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.

CellStore POS is not like other point of sale systems that have complicated setup processes and requires a lot of training. You can be setup within a few minutes allowing you start receiving the benefits of the software quickly.

Works Your Existing Hardware

The Point of sale software works with all of your existing hardware including:

Inspire Customer Confidence

Customers can tell when they enter a business built on strong systems. Owners who invest in implementing good systems in their cellular shop have an advantage in todays competitive market. Being able to create a professional looking invoice is important, but todays owners need to do much more to win their customers trust. With CellStore Software's cell phone shop POS you will:

Customize Your Invoices and Tickets

Your business is unique and therefore you invoices should be able to communicate that fact to your customers. Customize your invoices with you logo, address, and contact info. Add your terms and conditions to the bottom of your recepts and repair tickets. Accept real or electronic signatures and more!

Sales Are Complicated Things

Each sale that occurs within your store touches more than just your point of sale system and cash drawer. We understand that at CellStore Software and you deserve a smart POS that captures and accounts for each area of your business that is affected by each sale. Your point of sale will track and connect the following:

  1. Connect sales to various sales reports
  2. Adjust your inventory according to each sale
  3. Alert you when inventory is low or out-of-stock
  4. Store each sale against the appropriate customer record
  5. Track sales to their appropriaye sales person (if necessary)
All Of Your Invoices In One Place

If you are printing each sale and filing it away in a folder or box, you can stop that right now. With CellStore POS all of your invices are stored electronically. Quickly search by name, date, and other filters. If you are managing paper invoices, paper repair tickets and estimates, you are spending presious time managing things that can be managed for you.

Accept multiple payments on a single invoice

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