Repair Tracking for Growing Cell Phone Repair Shops

Manage your repairs in a way that Quickbooks, Spreadsheets, and Paper can’t.

Professional Repair Tracking

For Your Cell Phone Repair Business

Repair Tracking Overview

Repair Tracking provides you with the tools required to manage your entire repairs business. Create customizable device test checklists and generate estimates, assign tickets to a technician and create your own repair statuses. Completed repair tickets are turned into invoices and saved against your customer record for easy reference. Each part used in each repair is removed from your inventory. The repair tracking features will help you manage and grow your repairs business and the system is flexible enough to adapt to your existing and future business needs.

Unlike general purpose repair tracking systems CellStore Software was designed to manage your devices down to their unique IMEI number and serial number.

Communicate effortlessly with Customers

Stop calling each customer after each repair. Automatically contact customers when their device is repaired! Free up hours that could be better spent doing more repairs or growing your business.

Each device has a unique history

Know the history of any device at a glance. Track the lifecycle of every device from purchase to sale and everything in-between.

Each repair touches your whole business

You need a system that works with your whole business. Each repair is connected to your Point of Sale for invoicing, to Inventory for inventory management, and to your customer’s individual purchase record.

..Your competitors are getting smarter! Your best competitors are using smart repair tracking systems in their cellular repair shops to stay one step ahead of you.

CellStore’s cell phone and device repair tracking tools will allow you catch up and move ahead.

Save time and reduce errors

Smart workflows reduces the amount of manual data entry. With little configuration, start producing professional repair tickets. Customize your repair tickets to meet your specific repair tracking needs.

  1. Print customer labels
  2. Filter repair tickets by status, technician, more...
  3. Save public or private notes on each repair

Works with your existing hardware

Don't purchase new equipment. CellStore Software's repair tracking module works with the hardware you already have in your shop. Supported hardware includes:

Repair Tracking Features

Repair Tracking Module Video Overview

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