Is your repair shop a familiar name in your local community?

The benefits of engaging in community events or sponsoring local activities go beyond just increasing brand visibility. It's about building a foundation of trust and loyalty within your community.


Part 3: Local Search Marketing - How to Market Your Cell Phone Repair Business

You’ve got your website. You’ve got your email marketing in place— ready to start building your list. It’s now time to take the first steps to getting the word out and the traffic in.

You know that customers are finding businesses through their screens. They’re searching for what they need and search engines are responding in kind. So, it makes sense to get your businesses higher in the search rankings, right?
Yes, absolutely.


5 GDPR Compliance Tips for Cell Phone Repair Shops

This article is written by Alvin Thompson, founder of CellStore Software, the first GDPR compliant cell phone repair shop management software. We provide point of sale, repair tracking, inventory and other services to hundreds of cell shops worldwide.

Looking for tip and tricks to make your cell phone repair shop GDPR compliant? This article is for you! In this short article I share some strategies you can employ today to ensure your are compliant with the new GDPR regulations. Please note: If your are currently running your store with manual processes, Excel sheets, and paper you WILL find it difficult to be compliant.


Part 5: Content Marketing - How to Market Your Cell Phone Repair Store

Content marketing is all the rage. It has been for some time now. Businesses of all sizes and industries have jumped on the bandwagon. When it costs 62% less than outbound marketing AND generates three times as many leads — it’s not a mystery as to why.

At its core, content marketing is providing value to your customers. It can be through articles, helpful videos, guides, infographics, and the list goes on. It’s about providing value before receiving (or even expecting) anything in return. It’s solving your customer’s problems. It’s building a relationship between them and your brand.
Even the smallest businesses can reap the benefits if they put in the time. High-quality content is high quality whether it comes from your store’s website or Apple’s. Great content speaks for itself.
It’s not a silver bullet — it’s a marketing strategy. One that takes time to build and grow. But, once it’s off the ground you’ll be glad it’s the path you chose.


Part 8: Pay Per Click - How to Market Your Cell Phone Repair Business

Have you ever wondered how businesses get listed at the very top of search engine results pages?

If you have, and want to know how to make it happen for your phone repair business — you’re at the right place. And if you have an understanding, but want it broken down step-by-step, this article is also for you.


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