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Integrated Credit and Debit Payments

CellStore Payment Services (CellStore Pay), exclusively tailored for cell phone repair businesses, seamlessly integrates credit and debit card transactions into the CellStore POS workflow. CellStore Pay simplifies and enhances your payment process.

  • Integrated payments eliminate manual entry and error
  • Lower transaction fees for increased savings
  • Fast processing for improved customer experience

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CellStore Pay

Streamline Your Payments with CellStore Pay

CellStore Pay, offers a range of benefits to help your business thrive. With our integrated credit card and debit card payment services, you can enjoy lower transaction fees, fast processing, and improved cash flow management.

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CellStore Pay

The Best Merchant Services for Repair Shops using CellStore POS

Our credit card and debit card payment services provide a seamless and streamlined process
for your cell phone repair shop. From transaction to reconciliation, we make it simple and efficient.

Fully Integrated Payments

Easily accept credit and debit payment for your services and products directly within your CellStore Software POS.

Secure Payment Transactions

We prioritize the security of your payment transactions, ensuring that your customers' sensitive information is protected.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Whether you're a low-volume or high-volume repair business, our solutions are designed for you.

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Simple & Transparent

We handle the complexities of compliance and provide end-to-end encryption for secure transactions.

Flexible Options

Choose the payment processing plan that works best for your business.

Competitive and Transparent

Choose from flat-rate pricing or Interchange Plus-whatever suits your business needs.

Discounts Available

Whether you're a low-volume or high-volume shop, our solutions are designed for you. We commit to matching or beating your existing rates. No hidden fees or surprises. Know exactly what you're paying for.

Secure Payment Suite

Simple and Affordable Payment processing


Include everything you need to process payments:

  • Payment Terminal (Device)
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • DataGuard PCI Compliance
  • Easy Integration
  • Insurance
  • Monthly Statements
  • No Contracts
  • Support for all major cards
  • No upfront costs
  • More...

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Payment FAQ

Find answers to common questions about our payment services, including setup, hardware requirements, and customer support.

What are the processing rates?

We offer two tailored pricing options.

Pricing Option 1: Flat Rate Pricing (Canada):

Credit cards - 2.50% fee + 12¢ per transaction

Debit cards - 0.00% fee + 12¢ per transaction

This plan is ideal for businesses seeking integrated payments and a competitive flat rate billing option that is lower than Stripe, Square, Paypal and other similar payment companies.

Pricing Option 2: Interchange + Pricing (Canada):

Credit cards - 0.50% plus interchange + 12¢ per transaction

Debit cards - 0.00% fee + 12¢ per transaction

This option is well-suited for businesses with higher transaction volumes, offering cost benefits aligned with their specific usage.

What is the Secure Payment Suite?

The Secure Payment Suite is $19/mo and is a required component of CellStore Pay. It includes everything you need to accept secure payments including:

  • EMV payment terminal, which you will use to swipe or tap payment cards (includes support, service and replacement - if necessary)
  • DataGuard PCI compliance fee
  • Fraud Insurance

When will my funds be deposited into my bank account?

Funds will be deposited within 24-48 business hours.

I currently have a lower rate

Contact us with a currently statement and we will match or beat your existing rates.

How do I set up the payment services?

CellStore Pay is for CellStore Software customers. If you are a current CellStore Software customer you can start the application process by:

  • Log into your CellStore account
  • Click on the Integrations module
  • Select the "Accept Credit Card Payments" links
  • Click on the "Start Application" link to get started.

If you have any questions please email payments@cellstore.co

What are the hardware requirements?

CellStore Pay is certified for compatibility with specific payment terminal devices.

What happens if I get a chargeback?

If there's a chargeback, we'll hold the disputed funds during the card issuer's investigation. If they rule against your business, the funds go back to the cardholder. If they rule in your favor, the funds are returned to you.

To minimize the risk of chargebacks, our supported terminal is equipped with EMV (chip card) reading capabilities. Additionally, obtaining customer signatures both before and after completing a repair and verifying customer IDs are advised. If the ID does not match the cardholder's details, we suggest refraining from processing the transaction. A $20 dispute fee is applied for each chargeback.

Where is CellStore Pay available?

Currently CellStore Pay is only available in Canada. CellStore Pay will be launching to United States merchants in early 2024. Send us a message to join the waiting list.

Simple and Secure Integrated Payments

Accept credit and debit card payments with ease. Contact our sales team for more information.

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CellStore Pay

Get Started with CellStore Pay

Are you an existing CellStore Software customer?

Start the application process by logging into your CellStore account. Once you are inside your CellStore account, click on the Integrations module, then select the “Accept Credit Card Payments” link, and follow the instructions.

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