Why Cell Shop Owners Are choosing cloud-based POS and Inventory Software


You run a cell phone shop.
Running your business keeps you extremely busy. The last thing you want to worry about is investing time and resources in expensive software systems. But at the same time, using spreadsheets to manage your inventory, writing tickets on business cards, and managing more and more paper are beginning to slow you down.
The key is choosing the right software for your cell shop, ensuring that it’s cost-effective and scalable and has all of the right pieces you need.
Cloud-based applications have become very popular with small- to medium-sized shops, and it’s easy to see why. Research shows that cloud-based software is easier to deploy, is quicker to start using, and costs much less than legacy and clunky desktop applications. Not to mention that most small- and medium-sized cell shops don’t have IT departments to assist with the technical aspects that come with getting started with traditional software solutions.
Advantages of cloud-based software include:

  • Easier to start and manage
  • Quicker to implement
  • Little-to-no IT support needed
  • Easier to use
  • Costs less
  • Greater security

So what software is right for your cell shop?
Only you can answer that question, but we’ve built a system we think you should strongly consider. CellStore Software was created for your small- and medium-sized store. We’ve designed all of the main features including POS (point of sale), inventory manager, repair ticketing system, warranty management, and standard reporting to be very inexpensive. These services will always be inexpensive. These are the high-value features that you can implement today and start seeing a dramatic change in your business.
On top of our standard plans, optional premium services are also available, but not required. These services include integrated e-commerce website and detailed repair technician reporting. The right software can change the way you run your business. Efficient systems will reduce the paper floating everywhere, make your staff more productive and accountable, and increase your profits by allowing you to serve more customers and add high-revenue services like warranties. And for you the owner, a reduction in stress and the space to actually build your business are added benefits.
If you are the owner of a cell shop and are interested in learning more about software for your shop, please visit www.cellstore.co. We have many resources and tools that can help you make the right decision for your shop.
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