How to Build A Successful Cell Phone Repair Website

You are looking to build a website for your cell phone repair shop. You are thinking about what elements you need to include. This article should help. As the founder of CellStore Software, we build repair tracking software and websites for cell phone repair stores, I have seen many websites for phone repair businesses. Although each website is different here are some of the common features I have seen:

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Basic Website Elements

Here are some of the elements found in most cell phone business websites. As you design your website be sure that all or most of these elements are included.

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Address (addresses if multiple locations)
  3. Map of business location
  4. Services offered (include makes and models you service)
  5. Service details (how long a standard repair may take)
  6. Service guarantees (list any warranty you may offer)
  7. Hours of operation
  8. Contact details (email address, ideally a phone number)

Intermediate Website Elements

These next website elements are elements you need to strongly consider building into your new site. These features will empower your website visitors to interact with your company in ways that are common-place.

  1. Inventory (list of devices, parts available for sale)
  2. Request a quote online
  3. Create a repair appointment online
  4. Mobile pickup appointment

Advanced Website Elements

Ok. You’re website is looking great. You’ve the reviewed and included the basic and intermediate website elements listed above. You’ve assured that your cell phone repair website has all of the details to ensure that your customers can find your business, know when you’re open, and know what services you offer. Your customers can request quotes and appointments online. Now here are some things to consider if you want to go exceed most expectations.

  1. Check the status of a repair online
  2. Live Inventory

I hope this summary helps.

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At CellStore Software we have simple tools that allow cell phone store owners to create websites that include many of the features listed above. Of Course we have our popular point of sale and repair tracking software too. We are looking forward to working with you to take your repairs business to the next level.
To your success,

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